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Awards 'R Us

the FUN awards community!*`

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BEFORE the RULES, we'd just like to say that THIS COMMUNITY is suppose to be FUN! Like any other community. NO fighting/bitching/arguing etc.... it's just another award site to COMPLIMENT people on for there HARD and GREAT work.


1.) ANYONE + EVERYONE IS WELCOME. We LOVE hearing different IDEAS + SUGGESTIONS. Making this a NEW and NEAT site.

2.) Do NOT steal award signs. Simple as that! They're made for THIS community site. We'll sure know if someone does steal them.

3.) NOMINATING + VOTING: Everything has CHANGED. We now make POLLS for you guys to NOMINATE aswell as VOTE. We will make a poll each week for you guys to NOMINATE. All you have to do is TYPE in the USERNAME of the LIVE JOURNAL USER you want to NOMINATE. This will make it easier for us JUDGES to tally up at the end of the nominating period + EASIER for YOU because you have ALL the categories set for you. You do NOT have to fill out EVERY category if you do not WANT to. <3 NOMINATING WILL NOW TAKE PLACE FROM MONDAY THREW WEDNESDAY. After the nominating period we will set up a poll of the tied categories for you guys to VOTE on as well. VOTING POLLS TAKE PLACE FROM THURSDAY THREW SATURDAY. Judges will then gather all the votes + announce the winners + send out the AWARDS by SUNDAY. Questions? E-Mail KYLIE at TANTALIZING_@LIVEJOURNAL.COM or just COMMENT @ anytime. <3

4.) Let's KEEP in MIND that a lot of people WANT these! So...PLEASE don't vote for the SAME people over + over. What's the fun in that? There's about 900,000 journals. LOOK around some :]

5.) We're NOT taking people's sides here. We're VOTING on lj's/nominations + to make someone's day a bit BETTER. 1 word...FUN! Don't make enemies..who wants them?

6.) ALLOWED: One vote per week. In advance you CAN write to one of the JUDGES for your nomination for the following week. You do NOT need to nominate somebody for EVERY category. Just nominate what YOU think.

7.) You CAN nominate YOURSELF for ANY category but only ONE category. Next week, you could nominate yourself for something different. If you think you are the PERFECT match for a ctegory, then put your name right up there! You never know if you don't try, but don't FORGET about the other GREAT live journalers OUT there. =)

8.) JUDGES CAN be nominated for a category!

9.) If you are NOMINATED for a category and after the VOTING POLL you + someone else BOTH are TIED, the judges will send you BOTH an AWARD. Want to be the ONLY winner? Well, better luck NEXT time sweetie. <3

10.) Once again...keep your RUDE attidude's OUTTA here!

11.) PLEASE don't nominate your FRIENDS over and over again. Don't nominate someone more then 3 times....they will be IGNORED. :x

E-MAIL + INSTANT MESSAGING IS ALWAYS OPEN! Emails will be once every 2 days. JUDGES are looking for
and SUGGESTIONS constantly. Kylie // Suzy - tantalizing_@livejournal.com [suzieliciouz] Kristie- snwsk8grl17@aol.com [unbeautiful2]

We LOVE hearing from YOU.

Overall, we want this to WORK. Many awards sites are DOWN at this time due to PROBLEMS and/or under CONSTRUCTION + we wanna be there for YOU as much as POSSIABLE. Thanks!